Good day your Excellency,
Let me begin by stating that I am of the Rivers ijaws. Though I am of the opposition, my brother you made it so but as my “brother” I cannot be cajoled into hating you but as a Nigerian I will speak on issues that threaten the peace and development of our dear country. Before our dear Rueben Abati or Do yin Okupe release tongue-lashing words on me, I will begin with Rivers State before launching out into the deep. Mr President if my memory serves me well sometime in 2006-2007 you became known when you became Governor of Bayelsa State. That’s when the politics of your life became interesting to me. During the 2007 elections, when you were picked as a running mate to the Late Umaru Musa Yar’adua, a lot of complaints came up as the Dr. Peter Odili was initially favoured to fly the flag of the PDP. Eventually, the PDP won the elections and you became the Vice-President of the Federal Republic. Things had been going well when the Late Yar’adua was the President. I was impressed by the way he set about his “Transformation Agenda” which saw the end to militancy, and also the 2009 FG-ASUU agreement, the respect of the rule of law among others. Suddenly, he died and you were almost denied your constitutional right but for the timely intervention of highly placed Nigerians, a few governors you were sworn in as President of our dear Nation. Even if between then till the 2011 elections you hadn’t enough time to go about the duties of the President. So, we were quick to appeal to our fellow Nigerians citing the above reason while asking for you to be elected in 2011. I cannot particularly remember all that I said in canvassing for support, it was as independent action not affiliated with any political party. I was just being an ethnic bigot basing all judgements on the fact that you hail from Bayelsa state. At least I tried, what are brothers for? So I told all who cared to listen that my brother if voted into power will make Nigeria better but sadly I’m out of promises to make ahead of the 2015 elections. So I’m writing you to see if you can supply me a few more promises. It was a thing of joy to see you work with Gov. Amaechi so well but how things went sour, I do not know. Mr President, I learnt that the soku oil wells have been in dispute since time memorial; that you went as deputy governor and Chibuike Amaechi as the then Speaker of RSHA to deliberate on the issue and that shows that you were aware that the case has been ongoing but my brother, another shocker not soon to be forgotten is the fact that as Vice-President you tried to sway the case in the favour of your dear state but for the Late Yar’adua who had respect for the rule of law it was an exercise in futility since that didn’t work out, the exercise was on recess until you became the President and you signed off the savings owing to the soku oil wells in an escrow account to Bayelsa state. My brother you have always had support for the rule of law but in this case, it is wrong. The case hadn’t been resolved. My brother the President, after signing off the money I was also told that a section of Degema where the oil wells are situated, was also said to now be a part of Bayelsa state.

Governor Amaechi talks a lot. Me self I tire but brother he has been saying a lot if things not necessarily abuses. He spoke about clean water for Rivers people, oil wells dispute, infrastructure, Federal roads and projects among others. My brother like I said earlier, I do not have any more promises to give anyone for you come 2015 because it seems like everyone now sees clearly. You know I tried talking again as usual but now everyone is asking questions but brother o! Please since your election in 2011 “WHAT HAS THE FG DONE FOR RIVERS PEOPLE?” So that I can tell the world but sadly the change I can see in Rivers state are the schools, roads, primary health care centres, educational infrastructures, sports facilities, flyovers & bridges, Rivers monorail, medical industry, Dr Obi Wali upgraded conference centre, Prof Nimi Briggs Hospital inside UST the state owned university, transportation scheme, power generation, water projects, Agriculture – fish farms, oil palm, rice & rubber plantation, ICT.
Brother, Governor Amaechi has indeed bettered the life of the common man in Rivers state. You know I’m hardworking and as such don’t need to speak in his favor before I can eat because the things I say are true but as it is, I’m perplexed because some power-thirsty beings have incited you against the governor now he has crossed over to the progressive family. At least you should have listened to his plea and that of others on his behalf, now that things have gone so sour there’s nothing in your good book as there’s not even one Federal Project initiated by your administration. Haba! Brother, I’m not lying o! You know how much time it took for you to enforce work on the East-west road which has not been completed practically due to the way the governor expressed dismay with the way the work was going. In Bonny, thousands are starved because they have been waiting for train 7 which may not come, Federal polytechnic of Oil & gas bonny was initiated by OBJ, I do not know if there’s any other Federal project there after 5yrs and the ones there before your regime are dilapidated. While we await the road network from bonny by the FG we still see health centres and schools by the RVSG.
Brother, those who perpetrated this scenario do not mean well for you because as long as this feud continues their pocket size increases. May God never allow evil to befall his own. The way news flies this day is alarming, remember the NGF elections where before Nigerians and the International Community, you praised Gov Jonah Jang as the winner whereas he lost to Gov Chibuike Amaech with 16votes but your actions suggested that 16>19 which is wrong mathematically. In the same light the incident of July 2013 where 5 members of the RSHA had full morale to first suspend 27 members of the house then impeach the Speaker. You have always told me you do not have issues with our Governor but these two among others sparked the interest of the International Community. For the loyalty of the 27 members they were all suspended by the PDP no reasons were given. I feel you don’t know hence my letter because one Policeman that was our CP then Mbu really caused a reign of terror then which reminded me of secondary school prefects. How about the return of terror on the streets of Port Harcourt? While we try to wipe that off, the students of UNIPORT don’t have much to say anymore to RSUST students because the state school has has more than a facelift by the governor; while Uniport is a shadow of itself in terms of infrastructure and security. If you doubt me brother I’ll send you pictures. That 6 months strike is still fresh in our hearts, the Minister of Education then (I don’t know the name o!) was not helpful at least I still remember the approach method not to talk about how NANS sabotaged the process. Brother, I want to ask if it’s wrong for people to speak up when they are wronged or when a process is negating our laws….I was asked to ask you though they claim that they’ll be tagged “enemy” if they do so. Let me touch some national issues, before that I had to run to where I’d charge my phone since we can all attest to improved power supply. Let’s look at boko-haram, I know you came and met it too but its pernitent to note that it has sky rocketed without any efforts to quail it by the military nor has any one been apprehended and sentenced for it, chibok girls are still not yet back now we don’t know which school is next. Lest I forget, I was told Book haram wrote to Uniport in 2011 and they cancelled bon-fire night during their SUG week. Hmmm, no one should ask me o! Too many people have become experts and are predicting how it started. Please before something happens to the parents of the girls can the military tell shekau to #BringBackOurGirls!!! We have debts to be paid in 40yrs and all the rest, like seriously will you be around to clear them all? The arms deal…..oh I forgot the money has been returned but how could that have happened now? Don’t mind them, they just want to ridicule you. I have asked them to stop embarrassing you let’s hope they stop.
Brother, the roads that are being displayed by federal ministries my friends who are photographers say the pictures were Photoshoped they showed me some federal roads in akwa ibom and bayelsa but I told them I’ll report them to you. The case with SLS how far, has the case been resolved? I heard an out-of-court settlement, did it work? Please tell Ms Madueke to stop using money from the treasury to hire private jet.

In summary, please help us live peacefully in our state. Do not listen to enemies pretending to be friends there are not better themselves after all they were a part of whatever lies they propagate. Amaechi has stolen the heart of Rivers people away and that’s the hard fact. He showed that when he conducted a mega rally on the 25th of October and he had over the estimated 69000 in attendance which saw the defection of PDP members. I joined the opposition because I see a better ideology and modus operandi. Not to go against you. So please give me answers to the few questions I asked.
Well, my Biro has stopped writing let me source for N20 to get another one. I look forward to writing to you again but please greet Mama Peace for me.

Best Regards,

Lawrence T Banigo
Twitter: @lawzyjoe
IG: @lawrencebanigo Letter

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