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“The corollary of the above is that there is no competent or valid appeal to sustain the instant application, as you cannot put something on nothing an expect it to stay there. U. A. C. v Mcfoy (Supra). In line with my earlier holding that the judgement of the lower court delivered on 12/9/2019 is a nullity by reason of illegality, I hold that there is no judgment to be stayed as applied by the applicants therein.”

Stay safe and practice proper hygiene, we will beat this ~ Dabota Godswill Jumbo

“This sickness has proven at the initial stages to be a big-man sickness. You can see how those at the top have fallen by the side of this invisible enemy. Now, the rich is scared. Your money is inconsequential as far as Coronavirus is concerned. You cannot really travel anywhere because you are uncertain on the level of threat occasioned by the pandemic in that location.”

BONNY: We Deserve more than this By Edward Boma Banigo

“We have been plagued severally on our waterways by sea pirates, as well as insecurity within our communities. No leadership has been provided at any level to galvanize an effective structure within the community. Bonny needs help and we need it fast. Our politicians only remember we exist at every new election and only dish out handout to a few loyalists when elections are done. How much more can we endure?”